Bambi’s spouse is right, the silence of the police officer’s peers is perhaps the most disturbing part of the homicide of Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis

During eight LONG minutes (+ 46 seconds!), a police officer had his heavy foot/weight on the neck on an unarmed man lying on the ground.

How come no one stopped to tell this guy: What are you doing? STOP. Remove your foot off his neck?

It does tell you something about the TOXIC culture of the police division/station in question.

It is sad to witness once again the deep racial problems in the otherwise beautiful country of our neighbours, the Unites States.   

This police officer may have been one individual cruelly/criminally acting like that until the death of his client during his arrest BUT what about his colleagues, at least those who were with him at the time?

Why didn’t they denounce this brutality (criminal/racial abuse of power)?

Rest in peace, Mr. George Floyd… Bambi can only imagine one drop of the sorrow/anger of your loved ones.

May peace and respect prevail in this city.

May love, unity, and common sense triumph over injustice, violence, and hatred— not just in Minneapolis but in the rest of America… and in the world.  

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