Readers’ comments to a CBC article entitled “’Was it perfect? No’: Theresa Tam discusses Canada’s early pandemic response”

First of all, here is the CBC article in question:

The interview is conducted by Ms. Barton. Well, the latter and Dr. Tam may have two points in common: (1) Each of them is skilled in her field, one as a Canadian journalist, the other as a medical federal bureaucrat BUT (2) Sadly, despite any talent, both of them appear to be sucking up a bit too much to their big boss, the government, likely to remain employed. Anyhow, can we blame them for wanting to keep a position in uncertain times? No, for sure. However, as communication and health authority national figures, they have a responsibility to act a bit more professionally with the Canadian public, without insulting people’s intelligence (see below).

Last but not least, here are a few of the NUMEROUS comments to the article that Bambi selected to share with you. She is not sure if she should smile or cry to the contrast between this article and the citizens’ comments. Because she likes to laugh, she will just smile, hoping you do have a sense of humour too ?:

“Was it perfect? No – it wasn’t even good. Sharon Harrison

“We didn’t expect perfect, but we deserved better”. Stephen Parker

“Not taking any responsibility for her slow response and then making excuses. We deserve better”. Glen Goertzen

“This is one of a series of articles designed to try to make us believe the Federal government did an awesome job. It tries to tell us some of our concerns about what the government did not do or did too late were really not critical. Other stories like this will emerge”.  Liberal CYA, Jean Caché

“…’Was it perfect? No’……….” About the only thing that Tam has correctly stated thus far”. Jay Shirazi

“Why do we need to pay someone $350k a year to just relay messages from WHO?” Abe Fukumaya

“Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam told CBC News that simply shutting the border to travellers from China and other COVID-19 hotspots earlier wouldn’t have stopped the virus from coming in from other countries” — If so then why is the border closed now??? Continues to make little sense. Dunstable Kolbe

“On Jan 29, when Tam rejected calls for a ban on travellers from China saying “racism, discrimination and stigmatizing language are unacceptable and very hurtful,” it was clearly not based on science, but rather political interference from the PMO, who was more concerned about China’s support for their pointless UN seat than protecting Canadian lives.” Peter While

“One big question mark regarding our top doctor was her insistence of not requiring people returning from [Huban] province to self isolate after returning to Canada lest a certain segment of our population become stigmatized. That sounds a lot more political than anything scientific.” Anthony Kennedy

“The key word in her statements is “we”. Tam and Trudeau got it wrong enough times that they should both step down from their positions, aka resign!” Health Ward

“It is her JOB to know how a novel virus spreads. No hindsight needed. She failed many many many Canadian families.” Tish Lapierre

“China, the WHO, and Dr. Tam will all have many questions to answer when this is all over.” Rory Cain

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