Another Canadian politician, this time our federal Minister of Middle Class Prosperity & Associate Minister of Finance, dresses up as a veiled woman

Mmm., Bambi thought Mr. Trudeau was the expert of dressing up (being a skilled drama teacher/actor before becoming a PM). It turns out that his Minister, the honourable Mona Fortier, is also into it. Just like the former Premier of Alberta (Ms. Rachel Notley, NDP party), see further below the earlier post from Bambi.

If you are interested in watching the video of Ms. Fortier , you can check her Twitter or Facebook page. Her official title is as follows: « Min. Middle Class Prosperity & Associate Min. of Finance | Min. de la Prospérité de la classe moyenne et min. associée des Finances – Députée/MP Ottawa-Vanier» :

Bambi is convinced that her Ramadan message is meant to be kind. She thanks her for her thoughtfulness… but the video it is not only somehow insulting. It is also stupid, sorry to be that direct ☹.

By wanting to be highly “inclusive” Ms. Fortier forgot that there is no such a thing, as one woman, to begin with. So, imagine one Muslim woman! Indeed, some are observant. Others not. Those who observe Ramadan are also diverse: Some are veiled, others are not. Some freely chose to be veiled (especially when they are adults). Others, many others, are forced to be veiled. Surely without wanting to, Ms. Fortier is not only excluding these women, she may be putting them in danger, without knowing it.

From a French-Canadian liberal politician, Bambi would have expected more intellectual refinement. She is disappointed.

Once again, she is worried about Canada. We are collectively being too ridiculous. Don’t you see it too?

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