DW: “Angry protesters in Lebanon defy coronavirus lockdown”

Bambi came across this short documentary about Lebanon by the Deutsche Welle (see below). The situation is Lebanon worrisome, to say the least.

Without understanding the complicated internal politics, it would be safe to say that public corruption is everyone’s fault in Lebanon, period (like the slogan of the revolt). This is regardless of a particular name or face. Indeed, corruption in Lebanon is so deeply rooted, that is no longer at a political, confessional, or institutional (= group) level. It is rather at an individual level, as Bambi understood from a conversation with a loved one describing her country’s tragedy.

This being said, decent people exist in life too (they are the silent majority!), one must not forget. They exist among public servants too, and we do need more of them in our world, today more than ever.

To come back to Lebanon, its financial saga, that began on October 17, 2019, is not just due to corruption per se. It may have also been due to mismanagement of public funds and/or over-investment of certain sectors of the economy only (e.g., services, including banking, etc.) or overspending. Richer countries may also have a public debt problem, like Japan. No one is immune… Canada, included.

Lately, the Lebanese pound (or Lira) “fell in value to more than 3,000 to the US dollar” (https://www.reuters.com/article/lebanon-crisis-pound/update-2-lebanese-banks-set-rate-of-3000-pounds-dlr-for-withdrawals-from-dollar-accounts-sources-idUSL5N2CF1YP). To put things into perspective, the $3000 was $6 in 1984 (in the middle of a civil war). It was $2 in 1970s. What is shocking is that food prices are skyrocketing, without any government oversight, it seems. What do Lebanese citizens have to do to survive now? “Eat each other”, as Bambi’s dad sarcastically said :(?

Anyhow, here is the DW video. As you can see, hopeless Lebanese citizens forgot about their fear of the coronavirus and the lockdown, they are on the streets again.

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