CTV News: “Trudeau suggested he’s willing to put his Easter plans on hold this weekend to get the bill passed”

First, sad to see those federal politicians arguing to the extent of getting in the way of helping entrepreneurs. Not very impressive, to say the least:


Second, there is a pandemic, for God’s sake. So, Mr. Trudeau, you are not the only one putting something important on hold here. The whole planet is!

Some are putting their daily lives and jobs on hold.

Others are putting their security or lives on hold… for ever.

Some are not able to see their beloved parents and/or grand parents. Some do not know if they will be able to see them in months, year(s), or ever.

Some do not know if the last time they managed to see them was their last one ever… at least physically, on earth.   

To come back to your Easter plans, some are putting both Easter and Passover on hold now. Others will be putting Ramadan on hold too. So, no, you are not the only one.

Bambi is saying this, and she feels for your lovely spouse and cute kids. It would be nice for your family to be re-united.

However, please remember that we should not cross borders between provinces or go to cottages, doing back and forth between regions… at least, this is what Bambi understood from your own advice and the advice of other politicians and public health experts.

Perhaps you can teach Canadians to adhere to confinement measures by leading by example?  

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