If statistical projection is “imperfect” for two weeks of a pandemic, imagine how much it would be noisy for the next 10-15 years when it comes to climate change?

In the article below, Dr. Tam. talked about “imperfect” projections (for the next 2 weeks) during a pandemic:


In the CBC article above, we can read the following:

“Tam has cautioned that models that try to predict how many people could become infected and die from the coronavirus are not “crystal balls,” and that it’s important to focus on data on what is happening in real time.

How projections actually play out depends largely on actions taken by individuals and governments, she said”.

Mmm… It is hard to perform statistical projections for two weeks of a pandemic. This is normal because estimated models can be random. Why? Simply because there are many variables (the latter would/could vary, by definition). If that is the case of the next two weeks, imagine how it would be then to project climate change projections (i.e., CO2) for the next 10-15 years :)!

Yet illuminated people and governments around the Western world, including Mr. Trudeau et al., have been telling us, over and over, that the climate science is settled, that if we do not believe it, we are deniers, that this justifies increased taxes, etc.


Isn’t that ironic, Bambi cannot help not to wonder to herself :)?

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