Thank you Lebanon for protecting Canada from the coronavirus: A man was prevented from flying out, pending the results of his test

According to Naharnet (March 9, 2020), an “apparently delinquent” outpatient left the hospital where he was being tested for the coronavirus to head toward the airport and “escape” to Canada:

As per one sarcastic comment by a reader: “Lol, the man is not escaping from Corona but rather from Lebanon”.

Who knows? Perhaps he is simply eager to return to his home county, Canada, and did not want to be stuck quarantined for 14 days. Regardless, his behaviour is far from being wise and responsible.

He was arrested by the police at the airport and transferred back to the hospital by the Lebanese Red Cross to await the results of his test (which was being processed). Pending those results, he will either be allowed to travel to Canada (if negative) or stay in Lebanon for the needed time (if positive).

Well done Lebanon. Bambi wishes this man safe travels back to Canada BUT only after receiving the green light from the health authorities in Beirut.

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