The UN can be too funny, even in times of virus outbreaks

Based on the article below, the UN declines to call the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic:

It is somehow ironic how the UN has been scaring the planet with the impact of “global warming of 1.5°C” over years now. However, when it comes to a fast-growing virus transmission in several continents over days, it refuses to call the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.

Indeed, according to the UN website, “climate change is the defining issue of our time and we are at a defining moment”:

However, and ironically, according to the Word Health organization (WHO)’s website, a pandemic is the “worldwide spread of a new disease”:

Bambi suspects that the UN may be reluctant to call a spade a spade for some political reasons, rather than merely scientific and public health-related ones. A little bit like how the true phenomenon of global warming has been politicized, weaponized, and even at times radicalized.

One can wonder if the UN will end up calling the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic in the near future, depending on how matters may evolve (no one knows when and how a worldwide outbreak ends).

Regardless, one thing is sure: it is not because it won’t that people will stop fearing this new virus or that the latter will stop crossing borders.

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