Ms. Tiffany Sung and Canadian media are sick, not by the coronavirus, but rather in their mind

Some people want to see racism everywhere. Some seem to want to develop a narrative about it. However, when a restaurant owner apologizes for a joke on its window (“urgent, no coronavirus here”), whether by him or by a “drunk client”, we know that stupidity has reached levels too high to be taken seriously.

Mind you, the joke may not be the funniest on earth, but it is still a form of humour: This virus is not welcome at the restaurant and not persons who may be carrying it.

The restaurant owner is an immigrant himself (from France). Mind you, his birth country also has a pandemic outbreak of coronavirus. The virus is now spreading not just in (Continental) China but also Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Iran, India, Italy (especially the North), France (especially Haute-Savoie, Oise, Mulhouse, Morbihan), and the USA (perhaps mainly Seattle), and in the Middle East (Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Dubai, etc.).

Here is the story that is not a real story but a waste of time to read about:

And it has been added to the article below:

Here is also a CBC production about how racist and xenophobic we are in Canada:

Bambi finds it sad that the restaurant owner had to apologize to this so-called “victim”. He should not have in order not to encourage stupidity. However, in a world of political correctness, you cannot joke anymore (humour is racist). He may have perhaps feared a legal action against him or a campaign of bad reputation. It is extremely sad that the Canadian stupidity has also reached Québec (usually more resistant).

To Ms. Sung, Bambi would like to say: Usually all what business owners want is to invite clients in, not to scare them away. So why did she take this personally? Bambi bets it is because she is Canadian (and not from Asia), likely a product or a symptom of our times where silly forms of social justice or intellectual puritanism are surgically removing our sense of humour and poisoning our brains.  

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