The mayor of Louiseville, Québec, blocked a railway to protest against Trudeau’s lack of leadership

Merci Monsieur le Maire (trop drôle :))–coup-declat-du-maire-de-louiseville-1

In the article above (Journal de Montréal, February 21st), we can read the following (and watch an amusing video :)):

“Exasperated by the rail blockade that continues in Canada, the mayor of Louiseville, Mr. Yvon Deshaies, blocked a railroad in order to protest against JustinTrudeau’s lack of leadership.

Mr. Deshaies installed himself on a railway line that crosses the municipality of Mauricie with a sign. On the latter, the mayor asked the First Nations if they could “adopt him into their family” so that he could advance his own claims at the federal level.

With this coup, the mayor wanted above all to show the demonstrators how to follow the laws when the authorities ask for the lifting of the barricades.

“Right now, from coast to coast, people are suffering,” he says. It doesn’t make sense what we’re going through. I can’t believe there’s nothing moving.”

His demonstration lasted about an hour, after which the Sûreté du Québec asked Mr. Deshaies – who was acting as a citizen – to settle next to the railway. The mayor packed up and left afterwards, he who had meetings at the town hall in the afternoon.”

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