A song to Mr. Justin Trudeau and an article by Mr. Jonathan Trudeau

First, here is Dalida and Alain Delon’s famous song entitled “Paroles, paroles, paroles” (“words, words, words). Bambi was able to find a remix with English sub-titles. It has been on her mind for two weeks now, since the beginning of this crisis. It is about empty love words.

Second, here is Mr. Jonathan Trudeau’s article (Journal de Québec, February 22, 2020). A French text entitled “Trudeau and empty words” [Trudeau et les paroles creuses]:


Now, here is the English translation of this article:

“Justin Trudeau has only himself to blame for the gravity of the current situation.

It was he who led the country into a crisis with as many and dramatic repercussions. Politically, economically, socially. It’s his fault.

I mention that I usually hesitate to personalize my words excessively during political crises or tragedies. Having worked in this environment for years, I can testify to the burden that falls on women and men who direct the destinies of our society.

I normally prefer to talk about the institution, the government or the function.

But in this case, the responsibility of the one who is supposed to rule our country is so convincing that one cannot help but name the obvious.

Justin Trudeau is weak. Disorganized. He has no leadership and his judgment is flawed.


Across the country for the past two weeks, voices have been heard denouncing the soft attitude of the government and its leader.

Had to hear from the Prime Minister yesterday afternoon. From empty sentences to empty sentences, he tried to be firm but never succeeded in formulating a clear and convincing message.

At one point, he mentioned that from the start, he feared that government action would worsen the situation and make it even more explosive.

Yet that’s exactly what he did. By being unable to show firmness while fostering dialogue, establishing clear boundaries while demonstrating flexibility, he effectively made the situation worse.

So much so that the whole country holds its breath. A country that is already suffering the consequences of incompetence whilst wondering when and how to end this crisis.

This country that will remember that its head of state dropped the ball. Across the board.”

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