Picture of the day (or eve): “Saint-Lambert: copies of the injunction given to the demonstrators”[‘Saint-Lambert: des copies de l’injonction remises aux manifestants’]

Picture taken from La Presse

The sign of this “illuminated” young man who has been blocking the CN railways in Saint-Lambert on the South shore of Montreal reads as: “Strike for the climate” in Swedish.

Not surprising as Greta Thunberg (or the entity or person managing her twitter) supported this movement twice within the past two weeks (Bambi checked that account for fun over the past few days). Anyhow, even without this recent public endorsement, years of “indoctrination” by this movement have already brain-washed our brains and the brains of our youth.

It is one thing to be conscious of environmental problems or to want justice for all, and especially to our First Nations people, but it is another thing to be blinded by the climate change cause to the point of blocking busy railways/intersections in the middle of a freezing -20 degrees Celsius ?. One must be really too passionate to do so.

One must also be too naive in order not to wonder which external force (or country or entity) would be benefiting from the self-destruction of our energy sector in the longer-term.

Another question that begs itself: Which energy company will dare to invest in our economy after all this circus? One wonders if this is not the real purpose, instrumentalizing “natives” whilst doing so?

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