How to keep hope alive in times of bank runs?

There are times when collective life becomes too difficult. One of them is when we hopelessly see the economy of one’s country suddenly beginning to collapse (i.e., its supposedly strong banking sector). This what happened in Lebanon on October 17, 2019.

As a result, people panicked; a bank run occurred, which means that people tried to withdraw more money than the banks can provide them. The population took the streets, revolting against ALL their corrupt politicians; with the clever slogan of “Everyone means everyone”. Frustrated by capital control, some turned their anger on the banks.

Three months later, no serious measure seems to have been officially taken (yet?) by Lebanon to navigate its way out of the crisis.

Even with a new government in place, the situation remains ambiguous as Lebanon’s debt clock ticks (March, 2020).

How do the people of Lebanon keep hope alive? How do they keep faith in their country in such circumstances? Bambi wondered when reading the news. With this question in mind, she received two interesting links from her sisters living in Beirut.

In the first one, she enjoyed the lucid explanation about the Lebanese bank run by Mr. Pierre Jovanovic (French content), even if it is sad to hear:

The second link is a brief video, by Ms. Dana Hurani, more fun to watch called “Do not worry. This is Lebanon”.

To conclude this post, Ms. Hurani’s artistic production reminded Bambi that hope is a choice. Hope is process (re-choice over and over, even after moments of despair). Hope is a risk… yet it is a must.

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