Bambi’s Mideast peace counterplan

Bambi has said it before. She sadly thinks that the Israeli-Palestinian peace may perhaps see the light when her grand-children will die (P.S: Bambi does not have kids).

After reading the latest developments, namely Trump’s so-called deal of the century (, Bambi decided to present a counterplan to it as follows:

  1. Enough of hatred, blood, and stupidity. Both parties must commit to peace and justice immediately, despite the tragic history/actual reality.
  2. Two separate states: Israel AND Palestine.
  3. Israel should stop the colonization NOW, period (not just freeze it for the next five years).
  4.  Jerusalem will be the capital of neither Israel, nor of Palestine. This is necessary to extract the religious component from the conflict, to be fair to everyone, and to calm down all the religiously overzealous folks on all sides. If need be, Jerusalem may be put under UN administration (from neutral countries) for the next five years to calm everyone’s spirits. If both parties are mature enough, no need for such a measure.
  5. All the Palestinians abroad (refugees) will have the personal choice of: (5a) Returning to Palestine, if at all realistically possible and if they wish so; (5b) Deciding to become citizens of their host countries (including Lebanon); or (5c) Immigrating to North America OR Europe, if they prefer.

End of Bambi’s peace counterplan ?.

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