If Mr. Harper was a control freak, what is this?

Bambi would like to quickly comment on the following article by Mr. Rex Murphy in the National Post and the video by Mr. Ezra Levant:

It is shocking for Bambi to read this story and watch the video below. Why? Because it is absolutely against the essence of her blog, which is all about freedom of thoughts.

We seem to be living in a soft dictatorship, if we stop and think about it. Today the Liberals are in power. We do not know what tomorrow will bring. Indeed, governments come and go. However, countries stay. To do so, national institutions must remain independent and at equal distance from all citizens (e.g., Commissioner of Canada Elections, etc.). Bambi is saying this, regardless of the colour of the actual government. This is secondary to the main issue here: FREEDOM.

Mr. Levant has the right to write any book he wants. We are free to purchase it or not, to agree with him or not.

The last time Bambi checked the world’s map, Canada was in North America, not in the Middle East (thank Goodness). So, why is the current behaviour dangerously similar to other practices elsewhere? Why don’t we keep on setting a good example of tolerance and freedom to populations that so desperately look up to us?

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