Demonstrators attacked by Hezbollah & Amal supporters, Prime Minister Hariri resigns an hour later, & demonstrators back to Beirut downtown

Prime Minister Hariri resigned:

Here is an article published by the CBC:

From L’Orient Le Jour
From L’Orient Le Jour

Bambi’s nephew was right there, attending one of his university’s lectures at the site of the demonstration (perhaps under one of these tents. Who knows?!). Thank Goodness he left the place a few moments before the horrible violent attacks that were luckily widely condemned.

From L’Orient Le Jour

NO to violence!! And NO to government corruption!

Yes to democracy. Yes to a reborn Lebanon where people live in peace, respect, freedom, prosperity, love, and fun.

No more wars (civil or other), no more deceptions (internal or external), and no more stupid governance.

Sectarianism has failed, period. The people of Lebanon do not want to be divided in tribes, in groups (religious, political, and what have you).

They want a UNITED Lebanon. They = We = Bambi… We are ALL aching with you Lebanon, whether we “live in you” or “you live in us”, as one Moncton resident said so well at the Moncton Lebanese Association support gathering the other day.

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