Lebanese revolt is against corruption. It is about political change, not climate change

First of all, thank you to the CBC for all the other articles on Lebanon or the supporting demonstrations across Canada.

This being said, the article below by the CBC is not only somehow ridiculous toward its end but it is also rather insulting to the protests occurring in Lebanon (and likely in those in the other parts of the world):


There is a limit in wanting to link everything to climate change.

If we breath, it is due to climate change. If we stop breathing, it is climate change.

Soon, they will tell us that hot flashes in women transitioning toward menopause result from climate change ?.

To come back to the CBC article in question, it seems to be arguing for a link between movements of people who are struggling to make ends meet (e.g., the yellow vests movement in France or like a country’s population on the streets in Lebanon) with those orchestrated and endless Friday climate strikes where school kids and vulnerable teens have been shamelessly used or even abused.

Of course, Bambi wrote the above acknowledging that many adult and youth climate protestors have genuine ecological concerns. If that is truly the case, good for them and thanks! However, logically, we can imagine that many kids may be excited by skipping classes more than anything else.

Mind you, MANY of the Lebanese protestors also have a remarkable ecological mindset. They clean after the protests every day. They also want accountability on the environmental front. For that, bravo to them too!

There was sadly an ecological disaster in Lebanon (103 fires who were mishandled, it seems).

This tragedy may have precipitated the revolution in Lebanon (the trigger was the WhatsApp tax story, along with a continuously increasing TVA tax, it seems). As a result, people got mad at ALL their politicians.

So no, sorry CBC or other Canadian media, the Lebanese revolt has NOTHING to do with the “global climate change”, to use the CBC article’s words.  

It is rather AGAINST corruption. The latter is 100% man-made. It is also Lebanon’s local problem that its people would like to see fixed.

Saying that their mass revolt is related to climate change is insulting not only to the intelligence but also to the courage of the people of Lebanon on the streets.

They are all courageously insisting on their government’s fall. They are simply aspiring for a better political (+ social) system in their country to replace its failed sectarian system.

People seem to be dreaming of a political system that is accountable and perhaps even finally secular!?

This means a system where competence (i.e., a competition based on competence only) will make an individual earn this or that public position.

A system where no one is a holy leader (“zaim” or “rayess”, etc.) because of his/her sect.

A system were decisions are taken in the best interests of the people. All the people.

A system where people can vote for anyone and not just for candidates from select lists, etc.

A system where all those old politicians from the civil war era will leave to let more competent ones be elected.

A system where everyone is for the country (like the Lebanese anthem) and the country is for all.

A system where people (especially younger ones) do not have to immigrate miles away to earn a living!   

Clearly, people are fed up of the useless status quo.  

For now, the politicians in power seem to be totally disconnected from ALL the people on the streets… A quarter of the population though!

A (real) change seems imminent. This may be Lebanon’s historic chance for a real change.

It is now or never… but will that change take place? Will we allow it to happen? And if not, what would happen instead? How will all this end?

Again, all the best to Lebanon. May peace and prosperity know how to prevail.

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