Two videos by Die Deutsche Welle News: “Why Lebanon protests are continuing after Prime Minister Hariri’s resignation” & “Lebanon protests explained”?

Die Deutsche Welle

Regardless of the outcome of this revolt journey, perhaps for the first time of their history, Lebanese people did not blame neither external powers nor the overburden from 1-2 millions of refugees (nor anything else).

Instead, they have blamed their failed political system (all these politicians they have either elected, re-elected, or found themselves stuck with since the “end” of civil war).

For this, bravo to the people of Lebanon. They have tried to force their politicians to do some introspection (for those capable of it) in order to be accountable to them.

UNITED in their demonstrations across all major cities and smaller villages, they have all waved Lebanese flags ONLY, not just on the streets but also on their social media platforms (i.e., their beloved WhatsApp included :)).

Perhaps their demand of a caretaker government (until future elections) is naive given the vicious external forces and the internal loyalty of some for such or such regional powers?

Regardless of the outcome of this deep crisis, Lebanese people can sleep on their pillows, or in their temporary tents on the streets, with peace of mind and pride.

They have dared to dream a new Lebanon!

They have learned the (survival) value of unity.

They had the courage to demand accountability.

They are questioning sectarianism.

They are not dump. To use the expression of Mr. Pierre Haski (French journalist), “they know they are sitting on a top of a volcano, after PM Hariri’s resignation”:

May their inspiring unity protect them in the next stages of Lebanon’s history, regardless of the outcome.

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