Picture of the day: A Lebanese demonstrator cleaning the streets

From Al Nahar

To honour her country of birth, Bambi would like to share two videos:

(1). A video produced by the MEA (Middle East Airlines) showing the safety instructions in a creative way, that is with landscapes from Lebanon and dancing, etc. (please see further below). This is the video she watches on any MEA flight she takes from Europe to Beirut.

Perhaps this is not the best time for tourists to visit Lebanon. Hopefully soon!

(2). A moving French song by Mr. Enrico Macias for Beirut that moves Bambi’s heart every time she hears it. Thank you Mr. Macias!

Lebanon is a wonderful touristic destination with incredible food, with fabulous mountains and beaches, with welcoming people who will make you feel like kings and queens with their generosity (regardless of the money in their pocket).

Almost everyone speaks Arabic, French, English, in addition to Armenian (for some Lebanese). Many speak also other languages (e.g., Portuguese, Greek, or German, etc.).

Sadly, today three Arab countries asked their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately.

The Lebanese army escorted some travellers safely to the airport. Other tourists may have trouble reaching the airport with all the demonstrations across the streets of all the country.

Anyhow, here is the fun video by the MEA airlines:

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