Moncton Lebanese diaspora supports Lebanon

From Vancouver to Edmonton, from Toronto to Montreal… All the way to Moncton, Canadians of Lebanese origins gathered in support of Lebanese protests.

In Moncton, some drove from as far as Fredericton, NB, or Pugwash, NS (a young family with a toddler and a pregnant mom ready to give birth soon). Some drove from Amherst, NS, or Sackville, NB to join their fellow citizens from Moncton in front of Town Hall.

Everyone stood up together, waving Lebanese flags and chanting the anthem, which goes like: “ALL of us for you Lebanon”. Indeed, we are all as diverse as the society in Lebanon and as united as they are in their demands for a dignified life.

A few cars passing by in the downtown area kindly honked in support.

First, here is a video with a speech in English from the President of the Moncton Lebanese Association, Mr. Mike Timani:

A peaceful gathering from our small community in Moncton. Sending our love and support all the way to our beloved families and friends in Lebanon ??

Posted by Moncton Lebanese Association on Sunday, October 20, 2019

In the link above (FB of the MLA Association), we can see/hear Mr. Timani’s speech (video). Bambi was also moved to read a word of thanks from her sister from as far as Beirut.

Second, here are a few pictures from the event (we can even see a metal “Bambi” and two kids dressed up in the Lebanese army outfit ?).

Some signs were in English:

Other signs in French:

Yet others in Arabic:

And some did not need any words:

Thank you to the Moncton Lebanese Association for allowing us to gather together to show our support to our beloved ones in Lebanon!

To conclude this post, below is a famous double picture that has circulated on social media today. It shows a Lebanese woman during the civil war of 1975-1990 AND it shows her again, today (October, 2019). This lady, older now, is rejoicing. For her, today is the true end of civil war because ALL the Lebanese people are on the streets UNITED with their Lebanese flags (only!) and with the same demand: A dignified life… because enough (of corruption) is enough.

Best wishes to Lebanon in the next stages of its history!

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