Is democracy in danger in Canada? Sadly yes, big time

It is both sad and worrisome when even Lebanon (at least right now) seems to be more democratic than Canada.

Lebanese people demonstrating on the streets forced their government to scrap a recently approved WhatsApp tax.

Although it is unclear what is going to happen next in that country, its people already gave us five little lessons:

  1. Lebanese people are not paralyzed by a so-called political rectitude. People talk. People act… Most interestingly, people seem to be listened to.  
  2. People are much stronger when they are united (left/right or any other political spectrum, Christians/Muslims/others/secular, men/women, younger/older, etc.). They are all chanting their Lebanese anthem on the streets. Many have changed their WhatsApp’ profile pictures to the Lebanese flag in solidarity with each other and with their country.
  3. People are angry at ALL their politicians combined. They do not fear those who may be more powerful (i.e., armed).
  4. People do not vandalize electoral signs… and if they do, it is surely not with stupid words (check the first video ☹!).
  5. People have a sense of humour that helps them during rough times. Bambi smiled to the second video after watching the first one. The latter reminded Bambi of Ms. Nancy Mercier’s saga in our town (Sackville, NB).

Bambi thinks that NO sign of any candidate from any political party should be vandalized. No to violence. Period!

We should all be concerned about what happened in Sackville recently.

Bambi is disappointed by the lack of public voices denouncing what has happened in our town with Ms. Nancy Mercier, including our other candidates.

Luckily, there is a citizen from our town who generously offered a reward to anyone who may have information that can help the police investigation concerning Ms. Mercier’s electoral signs ($500).

Now, to end this post with a touch of Lebanese humour, if you like to smile/laugh like Bambi, check the second short cartoon video, which shows the reactions of travellers when they were told the following (in standard Arabic): “Due to a sudden failure, their airplane must urgently land in Beirut, Lebanon” ?.


Here is the first video by a PPC candidate, called Ms. Tara Dos Remedios, copied from her Twitter account:


This is a cartoon that came out of Lebanon today.

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