Disconnect between wokeism and reality: the most leftist/woke of Québec’s mayors, Ms. Valérie Plante, is now accused of providing weapons to Israel. Is there anything more absurd than this?

From the 98.5 radio station, Bambi learned the following: “during his press review on Wednesday, host Louis Lacroix discusses various current issues, including the evacuation of Valérie Plante from the City of Montreal council on Tuesday. “Around fifteen pro-Palestinian demonstrators were invited to this council meeting. They chanted slogans like: ”Israel is bombing, Valérie is supplying the weapons”. The demonstrators have repeatedly accused [the governments] of Canada and Quebec as well as the administration of the City of Montreal of being complicit with the Israeli regime” (https://shorturl.at/pKYzb).

Thus, for security reasons, it was “decided to evacuate Valérie Plante as a safety measure. Subsequently, the demonstrators were escorted out of the building and the council was able to resume its activities” (https://shorturl.at/pKYzb).

We may accuse Ms. Valérie Plante of political incompetence, of neglect out of fear of extremists, of partisanship, or of being too ideological. We may easily recognize that both Québec and Canada are far from being optimal, but to accuse the latter of being complicit with Israel in its conflict with Hamas (or even with the Hezbollah), this is absurdity 101. Can we please collectively regain a bit of touch with the nuances of reality?

To conclude this post, Bambi will end with a famous Lebanese song by Fairuz called Mayor of the Mayors. If she may, she would like to offer it to both Mayor Plante and the activists.

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