Mr. Mike Massy: good luck for your preparations before your new song release!

Bravo Mr. Mike Massy!

This brief musical post is the most selfish one. Yes, it is meant for the pleasure of Bambi’s own ears and eyes before she goes to sleep. Of course, she is also writing these words while thinking of you, dear readers. Many of you happen to know Mr. Mike Massy who has been regularly featured on this blog.

For those of you who do not know him, Mr. Massy is a highly talented Lebanon-based artist with an impressive international career. For those of you who may not know him, “he is a Lebanese-born singer, songwriter, film score composer, arranger, pianist, actor and celebrity vocal coach whose musical register fluctuates between Arabic lyrical singing, the repertoire of world music and French songs. Of note, he played the role of “Jesus” in a French movie as well as a musical theatre entitledJesus de Nazareth à Jerusalem” created by Mr. Pascal Obispo and Mr. Christophe Barratier ( He speaks, writes, and sings incredibly well in many languages, including both Lebanese-Arabic and the standard Arabic language which he masters very well.

Below, Bambi will share a very brief YouTube video produced by him (in French and English) about his preparations for a new Arabic song with musicians in Brussels. She does not know about you, but Bambi cannot wait for this new song. Until then, she will share some of his older work in Spanish, French, and Arabic. This post will end with some of Mr. Mike Massy’s appearances in French TV shows (i.e., a montage of interviews). Bravo Mr. Massy; please keep singing!

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