Health Matters: Bambi’s chat with Pat [or Mr. Patrick Georgevitch]

Health Matters: Bambi’s Chat with Pat

Bambi is thrilled! She just finished interviewing a highly accomplished guest, namely Montreal-based Mr. Patrick Georgevitch. She is eager to share this enriching chat with all of you in this post.

First of all, what can Bambi tell you about Patrick in only a few words? He began his professional journey with a degree in physiotherapy. He has since refined his academic and professional skills with numerous postgraduate certifications, particularly in mechanical and manual therapy.

Not only is Patrick a fitness expert, having become a personal trainer, fitness therapist, and a sports and strength conditioning specialist with various sub-certifications, but he also specializes in performance nutrition.

In addition to these impressive credentials, Patrick pursued a certification in hypnotherapy out of personal curiosity and studied professional photography.

After relocating to Canada, he registered as a kinesitherapist, took additional certifications in manual therapy, and earned a graduate degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from HEC Montréal. As of May 2024, Patrick is also a certified genetics-based program designer.


Following the informative interview entitled “Health Matters: Bambi’s chat with Pat” shared below and on Rima Azar’s personal website (, you may wish to watch three of Patrick’s brief yet highly educational Youtube videos entitled 360 with PAT (

Of note, Patrick’s videos are largely produced in English with some in French. Regardless of the language, they are outstanding. He is also active on other social media platforms, including Instagram ( and Facebook (

Thank you for your time, Patrick. Your generosity in sharing your scientific and clinical knowledge as well as your uplifting philosophical insights is much appreciated. Please keep up your multi-talent and impressive productivity!

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