On the eve of Mr. Louis Armstrong’s death anniversary, a deer reminded Bambi of how “wonderful” our world can be

“What a wonderful world”!

This brief post is meant to honour the memory of Mr. Louis Armstrong, on the eve of his death anniversary, while sharing with you a magical moment from today’s early morning.

While driving on the Trans-Canada highway from the town of Sackville to the city of Moncton, Bambi was delighted to see a deer on the side of the road on the grass near the trees. It seemed to be carefully observing the cars. Was it cleverly waiting for the cars and trucks to pass before crossing the road?

Regardless of its intention, this animal was very cute. Bumping into a fellow deer on the side of the road (thankfully not in front of the car), was a pure magical moment for Bambi. Indeed, without much thought, she found herself waving hello to the wild animal while saying out loud: “Hello, deer“. Yes, we can act quite silly when we bump into a loved one unexpectedly.

Reflecting on her long day before going to sleep, Bambi cannot help not to think of her wild friend [or maybe relative :)?] who embellished it. What “a wonderful world” indeed, just like Mr. Armstrong’s timely song.

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