Mr. Nasrallah: When will he put the interests of Lebanon first, that is before those of Iran?

From time to time, Bambi has fun virtually imagining an interaction with Mr. Nasrallah, the head of the Hezbollah. She did this after the Beirut explosion and she will now vent while sending a a message of love and peace in order to counterbalance his threats of violence, even toward the most peaceful country in the region: Cyprus. Can you imagine?

Before beginning the chat, Bambi has always wondered if threats are a sign of military weakness or power of the takeover, or does the latter really matter? Indeed, perhaps what sadly matters the most is the tragic end result for Lebanon: mortality of innocent people, injuries, destruction, financial losses, and a contribution to post-traumatic memories of wars. Why is Mr. Nasrallah once again taking his birth country into the abysses of regional wars? When it is not in Syria, it is in relation to Israel or Palestine. When it is not in the latter, it is the former. His fellow citizens deserve to live in safety, dignity, peace, peace of mind, and prosperity. They do not deserve the cult of war in the name of whatever foreign cause or divinity. They do not want wars of others in their own country, which is already suffering from much corruption along with political vacuum.

This being said, time now for the chat (first Mr. Nasrallah then Bambi’s reply in bold), which will be followed by a song for peace. YES, peace, healing, and ideally love. No to violence, no to wars. Enough is enough!

Mr. Nasrallah: “the enemy knows that what also awaits it in the Mediterranean Sea is very huge, seeing as all its coasts and ships will be targeted“.

Why are you threatening and provoking Israel, Mr. Nasrallah? Why are you putting everyone in danger by doing so, starting with Lebanon?

Nasrallah: “we warn the Cypriot government that if it opens its airports and bases to Israel for targeting Lebanon, it will become part of the war“.

Why are you threatening the only peaceful and normal country of the region, Mr. Nasrallah? Please leave Cyprus alone.

Mr. Nasrallah: “the enemy must awaits us on land, at sea and in the air and we will fight without restrictions of rules“.

Why are you putting Lebanon in danger to that extent, Mr. Nasrallah with your threats to Israel? STOP. Enough is enough.

Mr. Nasrallah: “threatening us with war on Lebanon does not scare us, we have prepared ourselves for the most difficult of days and the enemy knows well what awaits it”.

BOTH of you just stop! As for you, take a look at all the innocent people of your country, not just your belly button! People caught in the middle of threats and violence do not want the latter. They want to enjoy the summer and simply return to their homes and villages. They deserve to finally live in safety.

Mr. Nasrallah: “we have a large number of new weapons and drones and we’re manufacturing some types of rockets in Lebanon“.

How about allowing your fellow people to have power to manufacture medication, food, and other important goods for the quality of life, economy, and prosperity? Enough of rockets, drones, and weapons. Enough of danger for your birth country.

Mr. Nasrallah: “we have long hours of footage of Haifa, what’s around it, what’s before it, what’s beyond it and what’s even further”.

Enough of threats. Stop the war mindset and actions. Work for peace. How about the power of love for Lebanon, and in the world, instead of the love of power for a change?

Mr. Nasrallah: “we are not seeking to engage in an all-out war with Israel and the Lebanese front is strongly present on the negotiations table“.

So why are you playing with the fire then? Why do you keep poking the bear?

Mr. Nasrallah: “the invasion of the Galilee remains an option should war erupt“.

What is this madness, Mr. Nasrallah? Please come to your senses. Thank you.

Mr. Nasrallah: “Netanyahu does not want to turn the northern front into a pressing front and is concealing the losses that we are inflicting on him“.

Both you and Mr. Netanyahu stop the machine of war. Enough is enough. People are fed up. Deer, like Bambi, are sick and tired too. Of course, it takes two to tango in life. Do you know how to dance, Mr. Nasarallah or you just play war?

Mr. Nasrallah: “Hezbollah’s response to the latest assassinations was very huge“.

Bambi is sorry for the families of the victims. Her heart aches for any loss, including your organization’s losses, even if she does not agree with its mission or methods. Enough of war. Enough of retaliation.

Mr. Nasrallah: “the Lebanese front has performed a very big role and is inflicting moral, material and psychological losses on the enemy“.

How sad to drag Lebanon into the Hamas-Israel aweful war.

Nasrallah: “Hezbollah’s footage of its drones’ overflights of northern Israel is part of the “psychological” warfare against Israel”.

Enough of both psychological and actual wars. Enough of violence and hatred. Work finally for peace ALL of you.

Screenshot taken from Naharnet

8 thoughts on “Mr. Nasrallah: When will he put the interests of Lebanon first, that is before those of Iran?”

  1. Between Netanyahu and Nasrallah’s agendas the third world war is looming in the horizon. God help the innocent lives from the wrath of horrific wars

  2. Your text is okay but not deep and not going into the foundation. Your title is meaningless and totally wrong which shows despite being from that region you don’t understand what’s going on other than on the surface and certainly lacks critical thinking. Hezbollah and all their Lebanese people receive their money from Islamic regime that occupied Iran. Indeed Lebanese groups like hezbollah and others and groups like Hamas have got all money out of pocket of all poor Iranian people and they have much nicer lives as compared to the life that indeed they could not even have without Iranian people money that is stolen from them by these countries and by the Islamic regime. So Hezbollah never has had Iranian interest as first. They and many people in Lebanon and region unfortunately are the first interests of the Islamic regime that with the help of these Lebanese groups are occupiers of Iran and toghther kill, injure, torture and rape people of Iran. Please have a deep research and study that region critically, with scientific rigor before making statements and claims to make sure all your statements and claims are substantiated and justified and correct.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Bambi’s friend. Food for thought hopefully for Bambi’s readers as well as herself.

      1. 🙏❤️It is always good to start a controversial discussion 😉. Yes food for thought as it affects all the world. The group that is corrupt and is a mafia is destroying the resources of Iran and cause stress and unstable life in the region and all over the world. These people do not care to hear others opinion. All they care is stealing the money from resources in Iran as much as they can. The world is connected so all of the humans will be affected. In my view the only way out of this is for the humans all over the world to request from all politicians all over the world to help people of Iran and to remove anyone related to Islamic regime from all countries and return them to Iran and then make a financial trust to feed the people of Iran that are going on strikes and helping the families of protesters in Iran to get rid of Islamic regime. That’s the head of snake and hezbollah is going to die after their head is gone.

        1. Bambi totally agrees with you :). You raise awareness, you envision solutions, and your last sentence is filled with truth. You put your finger on it. Thank you so much!

  3. Yes, he is a problem. The people of Lebanon could pray for peace, but Nasrallah is a cleric so that doesn’t much help. Wrong channel maybe. I’m concerned that I don’t hear many constructive ideas from Israel either except from Israelis (already traumatized since Putin’s Oct. 7th Birthday) who are protesting against government policies or lack thereof but are getting beaten by police.

    Very bad situation, very distressing.

    1. VERY bad and SAD indeed. Bambi’s heart goes to all the traumatized and innocent people, from the victims of October 7 (and their families) to the victims in Gaza (and their families), to the lost lives in Lebanon or Syria or anywhere else (same for the losses of lives in all the other wars or armed conflicts). Enough of absurd yet destructive violence… How about giving healing, peace, and eventually love or at least respect, a chance for a change?

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