Time to laugh with Mr. Rudy Ayoub!

Some days start earlier than usual. Some days are funnier. Today is one of those days.

The FUNNIEST part of this long and lovely day was the discovery of the multi-talented Rudy Ayoub, thanks to Fred who wrote to Bambi, asking: “Do you know Rudy Ayoub“? She replied no and she immediately googled the name, as it sounded a bit familiar to her ears. Maybe because the family name sounds Lebanese-Arabic? Maybe she heard a song by him on the radio? Anyhow, she discovered a VERY skilled, funny, Lebanese-American comedian who made her laugh… and laugh :)! This is why she is now sharing his talent with all of you in this post.

Mr. Ayoub is not only a HIGHLY funny and popular thirty-year-old America-born social media comedian of Lebanese heritage. He is also a musician, singer-songwriter, and apparently a music teacher or mentor too, not just in his funny videos 🙂 (https://shorturl.at/VgTov)]. Of note, his “music is known for its unique fusion of different genres. He often blends elements of hip hop, EDM, trap, and jazz together to create a unique sound” (https://shorturl.at/QJh9i).

To come back to comedy, there seems to be a theme in Mr. Rudy Ayoub’s humour: the highly narcissistic dad who embarrasses the son in public or who insults him while also apparently caring for him (in addition to his image). There is also Clark, the friend, and Rudy’s dad who cannot remember his name. All these characters are played by Mr. Ayoub himself.

To appreciate Mr. Ayoub’s humour to its fullest, it helps to be well connected to one’s willingness to play, have fun, and simply laugh. She does not know about you, but Bambi finds his creativity not only inspiring but also refreshing. For her, it is reassuring to keep discovering artists whose imagination make us forget about the excessive political correctness, and even self-censorship, of our collectively insane times.

To conclude this post, many thanks to Mr. Rudy Ayoub for his multi-talent, sense of humour, acting competence, musical skills, creativity, voice, and… productivity. Bambi is one of his numerous fans now, just like you Fred : )!

2 thoughts on “Time to laugh with Mr. Rudy Ayoub!”

  1. Tell me Habibi, why you thank me like this public? You want people to think you are my only friend? You want me to look sad and lonely?

    1. Fred, you succeeded in sounding like Rudy’s dad :)!! Bambi’s first reaction was to laugh. Then, she thought, but it is mean to think that Fred is like this character of a dad 🙂 (even if he has a good side to him too!). Thanks for reassuring Bambi and… bravo, you are a certified narcissistic Lebanese-American dad to a son called Rudy now, especially with both the Habibi and the attitude :).

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