Isn’t Mr. Joe Ashkar’s new song “I miss Beirut” fun to listen to?

Yesterday, Bambi listened to her favourite Lebanese-American radio station while at work. She discovered a Lebanese singer, called Mr. Joe Ashkar, and his recent joyful song about Beirut. She enjoyed listening to this melody. She was able to find its nice Youtube video clip, which may be perhaps a bit cliché at its end with a sort of a spiritual hint of mosques and church bells all united in calling for the celebration of Beirut. However, the images are accurate. They show the downtown of Beirut with some of its beautiful places of worship. Mind you, in some areas of Beirut, it is not uncommon to notice a wall being shared by a church and a mosque (on one if its sides, it is the former. On its other side, the latter).

Of course, Beirut-born Bambi is biased in this post because she misses her loved ones in Beirut. Nevertheless, Mr. Joe Ashkar is right: the capital of Lebanon is charming. Thus, people miss it and want to re-visit it. As Ashkar’s song goes, “we dream of a new Lebanon where we can sing and rejoice to be back. We want to be happy. We want to live. We want Beirut to sing with us… I miss Beirut so much. I miss its boys and girls, along with its parties“.

Happy spring/summer to all of you, especially to the five readers who recently shared with Bambi their excitement to travel to Beirut in the coming weeks. Be safe and enjoy!

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