How do you show care?

To what extent do you genuinely, and thus consistently, care for others, whether your close ones or people in general? In other terms, do you care to connect with others in a kind or human way?

Now, what about yourself? How well do you know yourself? Do you currently feel connected to your inner values and to whom you truly are? Do you respect and love yourself? Do you know how to forgive yourself after mistakes? Do you respect others and generously care for them without losing yourself in the process? If so, to what extent are you currently taking good care of yourself? And what about your life in general: do you care to keep loving it and living it to its fullest extent, despite its challenges, past or current losses, and throughout your journey of self-growth?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions raised above, the theme of care may be of interest to you. You may be perhaps even amused to know that care happens to be today’s theme. Yes, June 7 has been proclaimed by God knows whom (hopefully someone who cares for us :)] as the World Caring Day. If you are like Bambi, you may wonder what is so special about the World Caring Day? And do we really need such a day if we truly and consistently care for others?

Anyhow, it seems that the World’s Caring Day “shines a spotlight on all the ways we connect and show each other how much we care. Afterall, we should always take time to celebrate the millions of acts of caring we see. All acts of caring, whether big or small, are important. Caring is continuous and happens every day through compassion, support, kindness and understanding” (

Of course, as highlighted above, there are so many ways that can show our care for both ourselves and for others. We can teach others how to treat us through our values, such as self-respect, and our healthy boundaries in our relationships with them. Some of these ways may be tiny gestures like appreciating the present moment, whatever it is, and being grateful. Some other ways may be a smile or a sincere hello to someone on the street or saying hi back in an elevator. We could be considerate with total strangers, neighbours, or with people we may have lost contact with. Of course, care could be bigger acts like standing up for others or concretely supporting them or being there for them in their times of joy as well as sorrow.

All this being said, with much “care”, Bambi will stop here to leave you with three French songs meant to celebrate the people we love (two of them are sub-titled in English). May you enjoy taking care of yourself while expressing your humanity by caring for others.

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