Mr. Enrico Macias: your song “Enfants de tous pays” [“Children of all countries”] is more needed than ever

Although Bambi has not watched TV for ages, she does need images to be reminded of both the ugliness and absurdity of violence, regardless of its forms, origins, or targets. All the children of all countries deserve to play instead of growing up with their childhood stolen. Thank you, Mr. Enrico Macias for your old yet timely song. For your convenience, an English translation of the French lyrics follows ( May the children, or the children of the children, of the troubled Middle East carry the seeds of hope for not just peace but also for universal love.

Children from all countries
Hold out your bruised hands
Sow love
And then give life
Children from all countries
And of all colours
You have in your hearts
Our happiness
It’s in your hands that tomorrow our earth
Is going to be entrusted to go out from the night
And our hope to see the light again
Is in your eyes which awaken to life
Dry your tears, throw out your guns
Make of this world a paradise
You have to think of our fathers’ past
And of promises which they never have kept
The truth is to love without any borders
And give every day a bit more
For wisdom and wealth
Have just one address: paradise
And on the day when love on the Earth
Becomes king, you can rest
When our prayers are covered in joy
You can have your eternity
And every laughs of your kingdom
Will make a paradise

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