Islamic mortgages: thanks to Mr. Blanchet for his political wisdom

Mr. Blanchet, head of the Bloc Québécois (BQ) in Ottawa is right. Access to Islamic-based (or hallal) mortgages should remain private for anyone who wish to have this banking option when purchasing a house in Canada. There should be no place for any accommodation based on the Sharia (Islamic) law OR other religious laws (i.e., Judaism) in our public laws, not even in the name of a clumsy attempt of Mr. Trudeau’s government to pander to potential voters. Why is the government getting involved in private ways of doing business? Or is it just a virtue signalling in the budget without follow-up? Merci Monsieur Blanchet for the video below, partly in French and partly in English.

7 thoughts on “Islamic mortgages: thanks to Mr. Blanchet for his political wisdom”

  1. So now, the taxi driver who stared me down in his rear view mirror last month and wouldn’t accept my answer when he asked “where my face is from?” will be able to stay in Canada permanently with his new mortgage? My usual answer of “My face does not have a career of its own independent of me — I’m from Montreal” did not seem to work on that agrieved taxi driver. It’s a new layer of disrespect fo Canadians and our values that our governments are inflicting upon us.

  2. Ils ont deja ce privilege d’avoir des hypotheques prives sans payer des interets et le nom est Qurtuba
    Il a raison M Blanchet ca ne devrait pas etre une Loi

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