Dr. Gábor Lukács: Bravo and thanks for your oral arguments before the Supreme Court of Canada in the Airlines’ Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) Challenge!

A picture taken by Bambi on December 20, 2023

Bambi had an earlier post on “Air Passenger Rights (see further below). The latter “is an independent nonprofit organization of volunteers, spearheaded and coordinated by Gábor Lukács” (https://shorturl.at/lMST6).

The airlines and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are challenging the validity of the Air Passenger Protection Regulations (APPR) before the Supreme Court of Canada. They are argue that the APPR is contrary to Canada’s obligations under the Montreal Convention (https://shorturl.at/ryCQ5).

Guess what? Dr. Lukács was grant an “intervener” status in this important case. He submitted a 10-page factum to the Supreme Court of Canada, in addition to presenting 5-minute oral arguments, as shown below!

Of note, this Dr. Lukács’ second time in front of the Supreme Court of Canada and he won his first case. Wow!

For those who may be interested, the complete hearing’s webcast is available on the Supreme Court of Canada‘s website: https://shorturl.at/agkrK .

To thank Dr. Gábor Lukács for his time and try to making smile, Bambi will offer him a kids’ song by Little World related to airplanes (with Baby John in English and Bébé Louis in French, respectively). She urges him to keep up his great work that will benefit everyone!

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