Happy 119 Birthday, sweetest Bécassine!

Bambi wishes Bécassine a wonderful birthday!

Bécassine is a French sequence of cartoons (or a comic strip) and its female heroine. She stood the test of time since she appeared for the first time on February 2, 1905 (http://tinyurl.com/mrn9zkte)

For those who do not know her well, Bécassine is a Breton housemaid. In just a few minutes (Atlantic time), that is on February 2nd, this forever young character will turn 119. How can Bambi coldly go to bed before highlighting this exciting historical event? She will do so by offering Bécassine three songs chosen with much care and gratitude for the happy childhood memories. The first song features Ms. Chantal Goya with her cousin Bécassine :). The second melody is Tri Martolod, which means three sailors in Breton, with the talented Ms. Nolwenn Leroy [Bambi adores this song]. As for the third melody, of course it is Happy Birthday in French.

Long live Bécassine! Joyeux Anniversaire chère Madame Bécassine :)!

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