L’Orient Today: “US adjusts travel advisory for Lebanon to ‘Reconsider Travel’ “

No clue what the title of this post means, but
Lebanon deserves the best!

Bambi just read in L’Orient Today the following: “The United States has revised its travel advisory for Lebanon from Level Four (“Do Not Travel”) to Level Three (“Reconsider Travel”), according to the State Department’s official website. The change suggests a cautious but slightly more optimistic assessment of safety conditions for American travelers considering a visit to Lebanon” (http://tinyurl.com/yvu92sf7).

The article cited above, which calls this change a nuanced approach, also informs us of the following American updated recommendation: “Travelers are urged to reconsider plans due to serious security risks under the newly assigned Level Three advisory. However, certain regions, including southern Lebanon, the border with Syria, and refugee camps, remain under a Level Four advisory, where Americans are strongly advised against all travel“.

Of note, the new American lowered advisory level is now different from the Canadian most recent Lebanon travel advice of “Avoid all travels” (at the time of preparing this post), which was updated last on “January 9, 2024 09:21 ET” (http://tinyurl.com/bc39pk3w).

Whether the American “Reconsider Travel” warning means anything or not, anyone familiar with Lebanon knows how volatile this country remains. Of course, a volatile situation is one thing and the charm of the place is another thing. May everyone there, residents or tourists, be safe and sound. May Lebanon’s beauty shine again!

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