Canada: why is a journalist arrested after asking a question to a top politician?

In a Banana Republic, freedom of expression is highly restricted

The world is upside down. Bambi just returned back home from Beirut, the capital of a non-sovereign yet beautiful country, which increasingly looks like an Iranian colony. Yet, even there, journalists seem to still be able to ask independent questions (when they are not being killed in wars or silenced forever). Ironically, in Canada, a journalist from Rebel News was arrested after asking a question related to Iran. Does this make any sense? Shame on Canada for this troubling incident of abuse of power, which took place on the sad anniversary of the downing of a commercial flight by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Cops (IRGC). Bravo to Mr. Davis Menzies for continuing to report in such unacceptable circumstances. May the memory of all those who were killed in Tehran on board of the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 be eternal. Of note, many of them were Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Iranian heritage.

3 thoughts on “Canada: why is a journalist arrested after asking a question to a top politician?”

  1. I wonder how many more such events it’ll take before average people in Canada realise that they’re not really living in a democracy any more, but in some sort of “hybrid régime”.

    1. You have to look carefully at the video and replay it (I did twice) to notice the RCMP deliberately bumped into the journalist. Once done, they could not brush it off and say “excuse me” like normal Canadians.

      1. That’s exactly right: it was a pure bully-type move.

        Besides, there’s even a concept of “de minimis” to assault, and also – even more importantly – of “intent”. Accidentally bumping into someone isn’t assault.

        *Intentionally* bumping into someone, if it goes beyond a “de minimis” exception, *is* assault. Though “false arrest” seems like a better approach.

        Canada, one law for thee, one law for me – just like in Russia.

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