Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Milad Majid! Joyeux Noël!

Frohe Weihnachten! Feliz Navidad! Buon Natale!

Yes, all the above expressions happily refer to the birth of Jesus.

May the readers of this blog who celebrate this day, spiritually (if they are Christian believers) and/or traditionally (family, friends, exchange of gifts, meals, etc.) enjoy it.

May we all enjoy the beautiful decoration, the cheerful spirit, and even the cheesy Christmas movies (if we like them year-round, like Bambi this year :)).

Christmas will always be Christmas, even when we are grieving or in physical pain. Christmas is about the birth of baby of hope and of potential for limitless love.

Sadly, Christmas may be lost between a West, which seems increasingly embarrassed by its judeo-Christian heritage (e.g., too politically correct for simple wishes of “Merry Christmas“, not just “Happy Holidays“), and an Orient where some say they may be reluctant to celebrate given the state of war. Some, much more extreme, even indulged in burning a Christmas tree somewhere in Bambi’s birth country. Luckily, common sense prevailed. The decoration was replaced fast and the story is history now.

Of course, over the years, Christmas became too commercial. Despite this, why can’t we reconcile an exchange of gifts among loved ones with our care for others or with the respect (or appreciation, if we wish) of the true meaning of Christmas?

Regardless of Bambi’s thoughts this morning, may you all have a peacefully wonderful day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Dearest Bambi,
    A merry Christmas from your family from The Netherlands♡ you and your family are always in our hearts 🥰❤️ we wish you a peacefull and beautiful new year. Lots and lots of love,
    Salome, Bente Mark and Yvonne

    1. Oh “Dank u well” (thank you) DEAREST Salome, Bente, Mark and Yvonne. Yes, Bambi’s family in the Netherlands… Bambi loves you sooo much ❤️ :)! Merry Christmas to you too, from everyone (your family in Beirut and in Sackville)! May 2024 be a Wonderful Year for each one of you!

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