How about a few Christmas songs now?

For many readers of this blog, including Bambi, Christmas is a magical time of the year. This is why this musical post will be an opportunity for her to offer the first song, sub-titled in English, to all the young and old children. This means to those who are still truly young and to those with an inner little kid, regardless of their chronological age!

As for the second French song, which is featured below, she will dedicate it to all the children of the world, especially those who find themselves caught in the middle of the fighting of older ones.

Finally, the third Arabic Christmas carol is about how war, hate, and revenge would vanish on Christmas eve. The earth would bloom and love would prevail. As the song goes, all this would happen on Christmas eve. Over a 17 year-period,of time, Bambi used to sing this deep song, with her schoolmates or on her own, hoping it will bring everyone a break from civil war. If she may, she will offer it now, along with the following spiritual one, to Achim if he happens to be reading this post (since he is the one who introduced her to the latter in a comment about an older post).

To conclude this post, may music keep making us dream of a better world. May only love have the final word, not just on Christmas eve but also at all times and for all.

4 thoughts on “How about a few Christmas songs now?”

  1. Beautiful, especially Lailat Al Milad and Mary did you know 😊 Merry Christmas, and may the feet of all people be led onto the path of peace as they open their hearts!

    1. So well said. Wow. May your prayer be heard. Bambi thanks you Achim [happy you enjoyed Lailat Al Milad as well :)]. Merry Christmas!

      1. Lailat Al Milad has become one of my favorite Christmas songs, thanks to you who introduced me to it

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