“Un peu plus haut”: Ms. Ginette Reno, what a lady!

Bambi has been silent lately. On the one hand, she has been too busy. On the other hand, she had nothing specific to write about and share with you. However, tonight, she does not want to go to sleep without spoiling her own ears, along with her soul, with the uniquely powerful voice of Ms. Ginette Reno. How could she not take a moment to share her treat with you then, along with her gratitude to the generosity of the YouTube user who made the video public?

Of course, the “Un peu plus haut” song is not new (it was posted on this blog in the past). Yet it moves Bambi’s heart each time she listens to it. Thanks to Mr. Jean-Pierre Ferland who wrote it in 1969. Of note, in 2003, this beautiful song became part of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (https://shorturl.at/uyBEJ). Bravo!

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