You are right, Mr. Damien Robitaille: soon Christmas will be here

Born in Ontario, Mr. Demian Robitaille is a French-Canadian singer-songwriter who is full of talent. Bambi just discovered his apparently four-year-old Christmas song now. What a unique little musical treat. She hopes you will enjoy this melody as much as she did.

With its simple yet deep lyrics, Mr. Robitaille’s song referred to the magic of Christmas by describing the latter as “the dream of all children, aged 4 to 99 years old“. Yes, we all have an inner child, even when we are in our fifties or even nineties. It is perhaps in more emotionally challenging times that we need to remind ourselves to take good care of this child like tender parents would do.

Regardless of the seasons in our lives, and despite our responsibilities, may we all keep the spirit or lightness of this child within us alive at all times. This is necessary if we want to keep dreaming of or to allow ourselves to enjoy the little wonders of our world. For Bambi, the Christmas season is definitely one of the latter.

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