Happiness Cake: a song to Jean.. and all of you!

This is not the first time that Bambi’s friend Jean surprises her with a little attention. Indeed, this blog has an older post on this topic, which is shared further below. For those who do not know her, Jean is a wonderful friend and an inspiring community member who is full of compassion.

What is amusing is that today happens to be the National Cake Day (https://shorturl.at/aB026). Regardless, in Bambi’s mind, only someone filled with an inspiring empathy would do the following: leaving a piece of her delicious freshly baked cake on the house door knob, early in this morning, to cheer her friend up during busy seasons and in times of wars in our world, namely in the Middle East and Ukraine, etc. Thank you dear Jean!

Of note, it has often been said that opening our heart to others would increase our levels of happiness. Clearly, Jean’s heart is wide open. Perhaps it is because, deep inside, she understood the secret to a happy life. With much love, Bambi will thank her now, wishing her more happiness for years to come.

Last but not least, since the gifted Jean is fluent in French, this post will end with the Happiness Cake song. The latter, which is composed by Ms. Brigitte and Jean-Paul Artaud, is performed by a group of talented kids who sing while baking a cake filled with happiness. Bambi will offer this wise song to her friend, first and foremost, and indirectly to all of you wherever you may be. For your convenience, an English translation of Le gâteau du bonheur [Happiness Cake] (https://shorturl.at/ehnIY) follows the YouTube video.

The cake of happiness
Is not very complicated
You have to put your heart
And then apply well
Make a good dough
And good ingredients
No danger of it failing
By taking your time
A pinch of sweetness
Passion fruit
Taste and flavours
Seeds of emotion
It’s all know-how
When you are a pastry chef
To mix the matter
To balance well
Add colour
Vanilla and chocolate
Garnish deeply
From the melting of joy
Find harmony
Between salty, sweet
Cover with whipped cream
Before tasting
Have fun
By tasting life
Greedy full of desire
It whets the appetite
Cherry on the cake
A hint of tenderness
Filed as required
Add the yeast well
Don’t give up
With ripe fruit
Fishing to ensure
Good cooking
A shared happiness
We are the little mitrons [a bakery in Paris]
Floured hands”.

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