A song to Jean: Mr. Joe Dassin’s “Le petit pain au chocolat” [“The little chocolate roll”]!

Thank you Jean!

Bambi’s heart is filled with gratitude for her friend Jean. This is why this post is dedicated to her!

Indeed, while touring the kitchen for the last time before sleep, she discovered a beautiful (and delicious!) surprise on the counter. It turned out to be a chocolate-banana cake that Jean kindly deposited at their door earlier his evening! It was noticed a few minutes ago only. Thankfully, it is never too late in life… especially to eat chocolate!! So, thank you for your kindness, with much love and appreciation, from Bambi and her spouse!

Mind you, Bambi just recalled that 2-3 weeks ago you asked her about her preferred flavour among your different cakes . Of course, she must have said the chocolate one :). Of note, Banana happens to be one of her favourite fruits (if not, the favourite one?). Anyhow, your kind gesture made Bambi’s day… and trust that it will be much appreciated tomorrow at work as well :)!

Now to conclude this post on a musical note, since you are much talented in French (in addition to medicine, sciences, house renovations, baking, and… friendship), Bambi feels like offering you a French song. It is by Mr. Joe Dassin and it is about the baker’s little chocolate roll! If you wish, you can always read the English translation here: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/le-petit-pain-au-chocolat-little-chocolate-roll.html.

Bonne nuit et vive le chocolat… OK, la gentillesse aussi!

2 thoughts on “A song to Jean: Mr. Joe Dassin’s “Le petit pain au chocolat” [“The little chocolate roll”]!”

  1. Un geste très gentil de Jean !
    J’aime beaucoup les chansons de Joe Dassin, spécialement “Et si tu n’existais pas”.

    1. Merci, Achim. Jean va comprendre et apprécier. Bravo pour le français, wow :). En passant, Bambi adore cette chanson aussi. Elle et sa famille n’oubliront jamais comment cette chanson a joué à leur hôtel en Russie; ils étaient surpris, surtout qu’elle fut suivie par plein de ses chansons. Le papa de Bambi s’est informé et c’est ainsi qu’ils ont appris la mort de Monsieur Dassin 🙁 :(. Quel GRAND chanteur et merci pour son héritage immortel!

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