World Hello Day: hi to all of you

Hola! Bonjour! Hello! Sabaho!

Have you ever heard of the World Hello Day? It has been established in 1973 to recognize “the role communication plays for preserving peace. The day also encourages world leaders to use communication rather than force to settle conflicts”. The World Hello Day started as an initiative following “the conflict between Egypt and Israel”, called the Yom Kippur War“. Who is behind it? Well, two brothers, Mr. Brian and Mr. Michael McCormack came up with this initiative. Of note, they mailed 1360 letters in seven different languages in order to encourage world leaders to get involved in their initiative (

Bearing the above spirit of this day in mind, we can cry now over the current fate of prospects of peace in the Middle East (as well as in other dark parts of the world). Indeed, we are very far from channels of communication between individuals, and by extension nations, which build promising bridges among them, instead of the abysses or walls of the absurdity of violence.

This being said, Bambi will end this post now. It is getting late at her end and even deer need to sleep. So, now is the time to shout “Hello” or “Bonjour” to each one of you while wishing you inner peace, love, and a lot of fun.

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