Mr. Ghassan Rahbani’s “What is left of Lebanon” on eve of its so-called independence

Bambi posted Mr. Ghassan Rahbani’s powerful song, entitled “What is left of Lebanon” upon its release a few months ago and translated it from Lebanese Arabic into English. Today, on eve of Lebanon’s Independence, she is featuring this song again (with its translation), along with a picture of City Hall in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PEI). She took this picture herself about 20 days ago. In it, you can see the Lebanese flag, which was meant to honour Prince Edward Islanders with a Lebanese heritage. Of note, among the latter, there is Mr. Joe Ghiz who became premier in 1986 (the first Canadian premier of non-European heritage, it seems). Interestingly, his own son who is called Mr. Robert Ghiz also served as PEI premier (2007-2015). On one hand, what an achievement for immigrants. On the other hand, what an open mind of PEI voters who recognized political talent and/or popularity.

To end this post, Bambi sends her love to the people of her birth country. In her mind, they just want to live with dignity and safety. They have been through crisis after crisis lately. They are tired. They surely do not need to be dragged into (another) war. May common sense know how to prevail. May only love have the final word in the Middle East as well as around the world, including our big and beautiful Canada. As for PEI, long live this lovely and welcoming small Atlantic Canadian province. For those who do not know it, it is twice as small as Lebanon and it is the birthplace of Confederation.

“What is left of Lebanon after you took it?”

What is left about Lebanon? Words you did not say yet.

There was some misery and the promise of tragedies.

What is left, what is left for the rest, I hope you will leave.

What is left of Lebanon, I wish you would forget.

And you sleep for two eras, so we can forget what you did.

Because in this country there are people, not herds.

Every time an hour ticks, they walk away.

What did you do in Lebanon, I hope you remember.

Because my little ones won’t forget.

And the humiliated people are the ones preserving Lebanon.

I wish you would leave. Stop the killing.

What is left of this land after you plundered it.

We even dream of a future that you took out of our mind.

What is left of Lebanon, what is left, nothing worth it.

You fight for it until you divide it.

What is left of Lebanon after you ate it?

You stole the light from the sky and the air you breathe.

Leaders on behalf of the sects (or religions), you made your country a farce.

What you stole from Lebanon, it’s time for its return”.

Thank you Charlottetown. A picture taken by Bambi on November 4, 2023.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Ghassan Rahbani’s “What is left of Lebanon” on eve of its so-called independence”

  1. Wow. What beautiful symbolism Bambi has found in the kinship of trees on flags. Wow also to the challenges faced by Lebanon and its peoples as more challenges loom.

    1. Many thanks Fred for your kind words about this post and especially your compassionate ones about Lebanon. Bambi appreciates it.

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