Bumping into singer Patrick Fiori on an Air Canada airplane from Europe to Montreal

She does not know why, but Bambi often bumps into famous people on airplanes, in hotels, or in pastry shops.

Well on her way back home from the Middle East, through Europe, she bumped into Mr. Patrick Fiori. Indeed, with a heavy heart (grieving her mom), upon getting out of the aircraft washroom, she bumped into Mr. Fiori. He was waiting to visit the same place she was leaving.

Bambi was too happily surprised that she only managed to get one word out of her impressed mouth. She said “WOW” twice in a row. Mr. Fiori replied: “Je vous en prie” 🙂 [it means: you are welcome]. Poor guy who must have thought he met the craziest deer on earth in the skies. Anyhow, despite her deep sorrow, seeing this much talented international Marseille-born singer made Bambi’s day (unless it was evening time in her jet-lagged brain?).

To end this brief post on a musical note, and if you wish, you may listen to Fiori singing in Corsican (his mother’s native language) and French. One of his French songs, which Bambi likes, is about Armenia (where his dad originally comes from).

From Bambi to her dad across the miles

Bambi’s dad is FULL of courage mixed with an inspiring love for his family. This song seems to be written by GrĂ©goire specifically for him as he navigates his grief journey. It is entitled “Je t’envoie mon courage” [“I send you my courage“]. Merci papa ❀. Thank you for being who you are. We all love you so much. Please take good care.

Thank you: with her angelic voice, Ms. Zeina Farah honoured Robine Fiani Azar at her funeral

A few months ago, this blog featured Ms. Zeina Farah’ musical talent. Of course, there will be another post on Zeina’s songs, both joyful and spiritual ones.

This being said, a BIG thanks to Zeina for the Byzantine chant prayers at the funeral of Robine, Bambi’s mother. May her memory be eternal.

Ms. Farah’s pure voice, in which she put her heart and soul, was surely heard in heaven. Indeed, what a beautiful tribute to Bambi’s mom. Thank you.

In conclusion, Bambi will leave you with a Greek Orthodox Arabic prayer entitled “Ayouha l moutaraddi“, which is performed by Zeina. Bravo to her!

Ms. Roula Azar-Douglas: isn’t her tribute to her mom beautiful?

Roula, Bambi’s eyes are filled with tears, reading your beautiful tribute to your mom. Thank you!

Published in L’Orient Le Jour on September 1st, 2023

Roula’s French article, shown above and published in the L’Orient Le Jour today, can be found here: https://shorturl.at/iqyX1. Below is a quick English translation, thanks to Mr. Google Translate, Bambi’s loyal friend:

To Robine Fiani Azar, my mother

Writing to you, I’ve done it hundreds of times, Mom, but never publicly. As you take off, I speak to you one last time, just to see your name printed in black and white before the eyes of the whole world. You who lived your life discreetly in the shadow of us all, you deserve the light.

I’ve missed you for a while now, Mom, long before your sudden departure, when my sisters and I and all your grandchildren were out of the country.

I’ve missed you for a while now, Mom, ever since this country tried so hard to drain you of your energy, your serenity, your joy of living, gradually killing you on a daily basis without mercy. Tired, you were, exhausted. From the explosion of August 4, 2020, the collapse of the pound, the shortage of medicines, the heat that the generators’ electrical supply was no longer able to adequately combat…

I miss you already, mom. Nothing will be the same without you. Now I must learn to live in your absence, to reinvent myself without your gaze. I also have to imagine new ways of communicating with you, of telling you that I love you, of feeling your presence, of seeing myself with your eyes.

I miss you already, mom. Nothing will be the same without you.

Your eldest“.

In conclusion, following Roula’s heartfelt tribute to our mom, Bambi would like to share two beautiful pictures of her parents, Antoine and Robine. These will be followed by: (1) words of wisdom transmitted to the family by Olga with love (Ontario, Canada); (2) a soothing Arabic song by Fairuz from the sweet Greta (QuĂ©bec, Canada). The lyrics of the latter, which is entitled “I believe“, appear at the end of this post in English (https://shorturl.at/bckxJ); and (3) a prayer in French from Smith (Ontario, Canada). Lovely musical discoveries. Bambi will surely re-listen to these spiritual songs once back home. Thank you. Many thanks to all those who kindly shared poems and wise or sweet words (including you Sita from out of the Netherlands) 💜.

Robine and Antoine in Canada.
Robine and Antoine in Lebanon.

I believe (taken from: https://shorturl.at/depr2)

“I believe that behind the peaceful seeds

Heavens prosper

I believe that, behind the fierce night waves, there’s a bright lamp up high

I believe the the heart thrown in sorrow meets tenderness

I’m full of faith

I believe that, behind the hurricane air, there are lips that recite the prayer

I believe that, in the silence of the enclosed universe, there is someone who listens to me

If my eyes ever aspire to the sky, the lights clear and the tunes get higher

I’m full of faith”.