Daily moments of simple pleasures

I love simple pleasures.
What about you?

She does not know about you, but Bambi loves her daily moments of little pleasures. For instance, the latter may consist of simple examples like feeling the fresh air on her skin when she opens the house door to start her day. It could also be an exchange of smiles when encountering a friendly face on the street. Other examples of pleasurable moments may be anything like the little sound of two pieces of puzzles that accurately fit together. Regardless of the days, there is something beautiful in all of them. Perhaps in a journey of grief, we appreciate such rewarding simple moments of life even more.

Today, bearing the above in mind, Bambi was running from one location to the other at her workplace when she bumped into a man who was walking a VERY cute dog. First, she did not expect to see a pet then. Second, what an adorable one!

Indeed, with a smile of joy, Bambi told this man that his dog is so cute. Although the charming encounter lasted only a few seconds, it was enough to make her cherish this moment. Indeed, she was blessed to have other beautiful moments over the day (and now evening or rather night). Yet, this dog remains “the cutest moment” of her day. Not surprisingly, she is smiling now in front of her computer screen while recalling this lovely moment. Thanks to this dog for making her day. All in all, she cannot help not to be grateful for a rather beautiful day, despite any hidden tears in her heart.

Last but not least , like Bambi, your own little daily moments of pleasure may be related to different matters. Examples could be anything from your first sip of coffee when you wake up to a spontaneous dance movement while listening to your favourite music, and/or to a fulfilling evening where you sit on your patio to enjoy nature or dive into a book. In the end, very little is needed to contribute to your fulfilling daily life.

To conclude this post, may we all make ourselves comfortable and happy in one way or another. May we enjoy our simple moments of joy, regardless of any mixed feeling of sorrow, which may be buried deep in our hearts or hidden under our smiles.

6 thoughts on “Daily moments of simple pleasures”

  1. What a beautiful message and song😍😍 indeed if we can appreciate every simple second , our life would be much happier. Am glad you know how to appreciate simple pleasant moments 😍

    1. Thank you Bambi’s dearest friend across the miles ❤️. Happy you enjoyed the song and this post. Bambi also appreciates the biggest gifts of life. One of them is genuine friendships like ours (to be celebrated in less than 24 hours at your end… Mmm, take a guess why :)). May life, and its tiny yet lovely moments, keep going so we can appreciate them. May the memory of our loved ones be eternal to inspire us, especially in the moments we long for their physical presence.

    1. Bambi is touched by your words, dearest Roula. She is happy her post made you smile. She can imagine your beautiful smiling face now! Many thanks for your kind words. A big hug to you and much love across the miles.

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