With music: why don’t we celebrate the assumption of Mary, National Acadian Day, and a childhood friend’s birthday?

Have a wonderful day everyone… especially Fadi :)!

Today is not any day. In many places around the world, including Lebanon, it is a day off. There, the feast of Mary is highlighted or respected by all, regardless of their religion (i.e., not only those of Christian faith). If she may, Bambi would like to begin by sharing a nice Greek-Orthodox song-prayer (in Arabic), in the beautiful voice of Ms. Ribale Wehbé, which is meant to honour Jesus’ mother. May the latter keep an eye on very vulnerable places in the world, including Lebanon where a dear friend, called Mary, resides. May she protect and inspire her, along with her family, there and abroad. Talking about names, Happy name day also to all those called with variants of Maria, Marie, Mary, Maryam or Mariam, etc. [especially when they are either readers of this blog or related to them :)].

Following the first spiritual melody, you will find two Acadian songs by two most talented Canadian singers, Ms. Natasha St Pier and Ms. Isabelle Boulay. Of note, the second deep song, sub-titled in English, is inspired by a fictional heroine, called Évangeline, of Mr. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem (1847), which tells the sad story of the deportation (or expulsion) of the Acadians (1755). “Bonne Quinzou à tous les acadiens!” Happy National Acadian Day to all Acadians and their friends!

Last but not least, a Happy Birthday song in Arabic is especially tailored for Fadi; thanks to the person who made it public on YouTube. It comes from Bambi, her spouse, and the “familia” in Beirut. Have fun with your lovely family, relatives, and friends. Thank you, DEAR Fadi, for being Bambi’s brother since her teenage years [are you smiling now :)?] ❤️!

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