Happy New Brunswick Day! Vive le Nouveau-Brunswick!

It is a long weekend where Bambi resides. Yes, today is New Brunswick (NB) Day, which has been celebrated since 1979 (https://shorturl.at/vCHK1). For those who do not know it, this Atlantic Canadian province “has been named for the German county of Brunswick, a duchy of King George III” (https://shorturl.at/opIT5).

To highlight this day, there is nothing more timely than an UPLIFTING song, which celebrates the beauty of our welcoming province. The chosen melody, which is entitled “The New Brunswick Song“, was composed by Mr. Ethan Ash and Mr. James Mullinger (2022). Interestingly, their video clip (directed by Mr. Tyler Warren Ellis) shows some of NB peaceful landscapes. Of note, if you wish, you can purchase their digital song for CAD$2.50 (or more, at your discretion), as described on YouTube (https://shorturl.at/lnAE1). Bravo to these highly creative artists.

In conclusion, Bambi wishes her fellow New Brunswickers, human beings and wild animals, a lovely New Brunswick Day!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Brunswick Day! Vive le Nouveau-Brunswick!”

  1. Happy New Brunswick Day to you too! We seriously have the coolest provincial flag in Canada (0:
    I’ve lived in Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick… all different and unique experiences … but I have to say that New Brunswick to me is truly the best place to be with so much to offer and so much to love and celebrate with its unique culture, scenery, beauty and history.
    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thank you, Sally; Happy New Brunswick Day to you too! Bambi loves the boat of the NB flag too. Hard to draw though :). Good for you for having lived in all these provinces. Each is unique indeed and charming in its own way. NB is lovely, especially for deer :). We are lucky: our entire country is so beautiful.

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