Mr. Daniel Lévi: thank you!

Mr. Daniel Lévi was an amazing French singer-songwriter and pianist. Sadly, he only lived from August 26, 1961 to August 6, 2022 ( Indeed, like today, a year ago, Mr. Lévi left our world too soon. May his memory be eternal.

Despite the sadness of discovering Mr. Daniel Lévi’s death only today, Bambi’s heart is filled with gratitude for this singer’s talent and big heart. Indeed, believe it or not, she was planning a post about him… for his birthday. In her mind, she has confused the 26th of August (his birth) with the 6th (today and sadly his death anniversary). Well, it turned out that this post will have to be a postmortem tribute, along with positive vibes for continuous healing for his wife as well as former spouses (mothers), four children, extended family, friends, colleagues, and fans (

While doing some reading about his life, death, and accomplishments, Bambi discovered that Mr. Daniel Lévi held Lebanon close to his heart. She did not know that. This country was indeed one of the several causes he was passionate about. He even offered artistic performances to support Beirut after its surrealistic port explosion (;; Merci cher Monsieur Lévi!

Among Lévi’s impressive and most known accomplishments, are his song L’Envie d’Aimer [The Desire to Love] and his role as Moses in the “The Ten Commandments” musical.

In addition to the above, a Journal de Montréal obituary-article (, originally by the Agence France Presse (AFP), informed us of the following: “After several prestigious collaborations, such as those with Gloria Gaynor, who hired him in the first part of his European tour, or with Michel Legrand, who offered him to record songs from the soundtrack of the film Parking (1985) by Jacques Demy, Daniel Lévi participated in his first musical in 1991. He played the roles of Frédéric Chopin and Alfred de Musset in the show Sand and the Romantics, which was composed by Catherine Lara and Luc Plamondon. In 1993, he recorded This Blue Dream, the song from Disney’s Aladdin cartoon. This duet with the singer Karine Costa, which makes him better known to the general public, will mark a generation.…”.

Last but not least, as reported in the article cited above (, “Daniel Lévi was a singular, powerful voice. Fights too: climate, caregivers, fight against racism, support for Lebanon, he never hesitated to commit himself to making the world a little better. All my condolences to his family and loved ones, ”reacted the Minister of Culture of France, Rima Abdul Malak, on Twitter“.

What can Bambi add to all this? Luckily for us, music is eternal. In addition, memories linked to emotions are known to be powerful. Indeed, according to researchers from the Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC, 2020), “multiple neurons in the brain must fire in synchrony to create strong ’emotional memories” ( Thank you, Mr. Daniel Lévi, for ALL the emotions, and their beautiful memories, which you made us experience through your heartfelt songs. Once again, may your memory be eternal…

Is there anything more uplifting than Mr. Lévi’s expression of emotions in his beautiful singing voice?
Mr. Lévi’s beautiful and deep song “L’Envie d’aimer” [“The Desire to Love“] is sub-titled in English.

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