Mother bear is such a good mama!

Isn’t maternal instinct/love amazing?

Two days ago, Bambi opened YouTube and found this video, which she watched twice. She would like to share it with you. Check how the cute little cub had much difficulty climbing, contrary to his siblings. Mama Bear did the impossible to help him; he succeeded in the end :)! It is fascinating how mama bear holds her younger ones, like cats do, and how she crosses the street. She seems to be carefully looking both ways. To salute this lovely wild family, Bambi will end this “beary” post with songs related to bears!

One thought on “Mother bear is such a good mama!”

  1. Credit to the tradesman who built that superb and strong fence… good work mama bear. Being Mum is the hardest and most challenging work of my life but truly the most fun too.. they’re only young for a short time. What a joy… all the shenanigans they will bring into your life! Here in Sackville and still after 10 years still advocating for a skatepark project for the youth–why do it do it? Youth Lives Matter. I won’t forget those beautiful youth and their presentation in town council before the authorities… summer 2013.
    I love your thoughtful posts my friend. … not so much about saving old buildings but creating new jobs and new projects that benefit us here for years to come… I keep telling people “build and they will come” but they cannot hear me.. yet.

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