Canadian singer Isabelle Boulay: happy birthday to her!

In addition to her humanity, talent, and beautiful look radiating authenticity (;, Ms. Isabelle Boulay’s voice is as charming as the region she originally comes from, namely Sainte-Félicité in Québec, Canada (

As today happens to be Boulay’s birthday, Bambi would like to wish her a wonderful new year. She thanks her for the great music, which she listens [and sings :)] to while driving.

Below, and following the Happy Birthday song, Bambi will share some of Boulay’s performances solo, in memorable duets, and with other inspiring singers from the USA, Europe, and Canada. Except one English song, with the late and great Mr. Kenny Rogers, the rest of the melodies are all in French; some are sub-titled in English for your convenience. Thanks to all those who posted them on YouTube. Of note, Ms. Boulay’ last performance is a French adaptation of “The Winner Takes It All” by the amazing Swedish pop group ABBA.

To conclude this post, it may be Boulay’s birthday on July 7. However, instead of her receiving a gift from you and from Bambi today, this much talented singer is offering us all a precious musical gift: a bouquet of songs with deep lyrics and heart-felt emotions. “Merci chère Madame Boulay et bonne fête”! Happy Birthday to Ms. Isabelle Boulay ❤️!

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